Use TeamGantt To Manage Your Server's Progress

Fri Jul 16 2021

TeamGantt is a really helpful tool for scheduling workloads and visualising who is doing what. Therefore, it's really good for use on Minecraft servers. Minecraft servers can be a pain to manage and coordinate, especially when some servers have more than one hundred staff members.

TeamGantt is basically project management software, this means that you can use it to manage all the little sub-tasks within a bigger project. You can make tasks under bigger objectives and goals and assign people to them, so you can see at a glance who is doing what, and you can easily see what's happening all around your server. It's really easy to use and will help you manage not just your Minecraft server, but any other projects you might be working on, even school work!

You can even map out dependencies which is useful for seeing when a task is on hold because something else needs to be completed before it can be completed. Set goals for your people; and view planned progress against your team's actual progress and see where things are being slowed down. Even track time across multiple tasks and have conversations, all within TeamGantt.

You can try it for free today, you can check out this exclusive offer from them here.