Welcome to PlayerLands

Fri Jul 16 2021

An Introduction to PlayerLands

Welcome to PlayerLands, the new way to take donations and monetize your Minecraft server by setting up secure, good looking shops to sell in-game items to your players. Although Minecraft is the first of our APIs to go live, we’re not in any way planning to stop there, and have many more currently in the works, including Rust and Counter Strike. We hope you’ll give the platform a go with your server.

Our philosophy is simple. You didn’t start a server so you could have an e-commerce business, you started it because you love games. Our job is to help you make money from games and free up your time to concentrate on the things you enjoy. One of the ways we save you time is by pre-integrating every PlayerLands store with the world’s leading payment partners, so you don’t have to go and make deals with them, fight for better pay-out rates and fiddle with more APIs.

That’s also the reason why we go out of our way to help, whether it’s how to guides (we’ll be adding more of those over the coming months), our customer support, or our Discord channel. We want to be there whenever you need us. We’ve done out best to make every aspect of the platform as secure and easy to use as possible, and if we’ve missed anything we’d love to hear about it so we can do better.

We’ve got big plans at PlayerLands that go well beyond the elegant looking stores you can set up today. We’ll tell you all about them as we go, and we’d love to hear your suggestions too - just let us know if there’s anything else we could do to help you monetize your server. Have fun out there, and see you in PlayerLands.