10 Tricks to Help Your Store Sell More

Here are 10 quick tips to increase sales, all of which cost you nothing.

Running a PlayerLands store for your PC game server is a great way of paying hosting fees and making an income from your server. But what if you want to increase your sales? Here are ten very simple tricks to help your players want to buy even more from your PlayerLands store. All of them are free to implement, and it’s well worth giving some of these a try to improve your monthly store revenues.

1. Take a penny off

If you’re selling an item for $3, established retail psychology says you’re better off reducing it to $2.99. You’ll miss out on a cent’s worth of revenue, but shoppers are drawn to lower digit values, and that penny off will be viewed as a significantly better price than the whole dollar amount. If you can increase sales by taking a penny off, it’s an easy win for your PlayerLands store.

2. Odd numbers sell

While you’re knocking off pennies, it may be worth experimenting with taking off a little more. It turns out that buyers are more drawn to prices that end in an odd number, so in many cases charging $2.97 instead of $2.99 is measurably more attractive to people shopping in your store. Sounds weird, but it’s been proven to work.

3. Perceived discount for the win

When you’re running a sale in your PlayerLands store, it’s the perceived discount that makes the biggest difference to players, so if you have a $10 item pre-sale, reducing that to $8 you could either say it’s “$2 off” or “20% off”. Most people will find 20% a more attractive figure, even though the actual amount paid is identical, simply because it has a higher number. It’s another trick that costs you nothing to try out, and works for retailers all over the world.

4. Price anchoring

Based on the work of Nobel-winning economists Kahneman and Tversky, it turns out that humans take a lot of notice of the prices in front of them, and judge whether a price is good or bad relative to what they can see. That means that if your store has an item that costs $100, the ones that cost $5, $10 and $15 will seem like incredible bargains. Having one very highly priced item is all it takes, and that high ticket skin could also come in handy for tip 10 in this list.

5. BOGOF is best

Buy one get one free (or BOGOF if you’re not a fan of too much typing) is a great way of selling more products, but counter-intuitively it’s also more attractive to shoppers than 50% off, which is effectively exactly the same deal. The co-benefit is that you earn the full price of a single item, because people want the offer and find another product that might not otherwise have bought to go with it. Your players get a great deal, and you sell a bit more.

6. Less is more

Speaking of counter-intuitive… When you’re running a store for your PC game server, it’s tempting to just keep adding new products as you or your players come up with them, but experience in ecommerce says that this may not be the best tactic. Having a huge range of products can seem overwhelming to players - there’s too much to choose from, and too much to take in. It turns out that being a more focused in your store inventory and taking things out rather than always adding more, can increase sales.

7. Everyone loves a freebie

If you’re looking to run a profitable business giving things away for free might sound crazy, but free offers work in two ways. They bring more people to your store to collect their free item, letting them see what else is for sale, and it always feels great getting something for nothing, which makes players feel good about your PlayerLands store and your server. With a zero cost of manufacture, giving away the odd free thing actually makes perfect sense.

8. Be cross-device friendly

Having a store that’s well optimised for mobile and tablets is hugely important in maximising sales. It lets your players choose how and where they want to shop, and given the amount of time most people spend on their phones and tablets, it’s hugely important to have a shop front that works on every device. In this case you don’t need to do anything at all, because all PlayerLands stores are designed to look and feel great on a touch screen. Ahhh, relaxing.

9. Permanent sales undermine your brand

It can be tempting to keep those 20% off signs up for as long as possible, but research shows that shoppers get jaded by continuous sales. Alongside the reduced effectiveness, it will make your price reductions lose their sense of urgency, it also makes people wonder why everything is always discounted. Everyone loves a bargain, but the effect wears off if bargains are available for too long.

10. Giving free stuff to influencers works

Obviously not every freeloading Twitch streamer or YouTuber deserves a skin, but by picking personalities you like and that have a lot in common with your server’s audience, giving out freebies - especially high value or high profile items - can really work in your favour. Give it a try and see what coverage you can get.