How to interest players outside of Minecraft

How to keep players interested, even when they're afk.

Now, when you're running your Minecraft server the best way to look at it is like you were running a business, and your players are your customers. That much is actually true as it's your players that will be buying from your server, therefore supporting you and keeping your server financed to keep running successfully. You therefore need to start connecting with your players outside of Minecraft, and one of the best ways to do that is through email. With ActiveCampaign you can create and store email lists, 'campaigns' that are groups of emails sent in a particular order and at different times, to help people use your server for example, or to show players what your Minecraft server offers.

It's also a really good way of getting players to come back to your server, especially if they've taken a break from Minecraft as you can just email them, grab their attention and they might just start coming back! Advertising your Minecraft server's PlayerLands store via this method is also good too, just give players a reason to buy and you'll be selling in no time!

You can find out more about using ActiveCampaign and how it can help you here.