Win a PS5 With PlayerLands

October 8, 2020

Win a PlayStation 5 with PlayerLands

If you’re a student in the UK, 2020 probably isn’t working out quite how you might have envisaged. Lockdown, online lectures and pubs closing at 10pm isn’t what anyone thought they were signing up for.

Although we don’t have any panacea for all that, we do have a PlayStation 5 and a big screen TV to give away, which might brighten things up a bit. To enter all you have to do is sign up for PlayerLands:

1. Head to

2. Sign up using the promo code UNIPS5

3. Set up a PlayerLands store

4. Link it to your Minecraft server

5. Sell stuff through your store to get an extra free entry for every item you sell

If you don’t have a Minecraft server, it only take a few minutes to set one up. If you need a hand, our friends at Bisect Hosting make it extremely easy to get a server spun up and running in a very short time. 

Once you’ve entered, you can earn an extra free entry for every item sold through your PlayerLands Store.

You can also earn ten extra entries for sharing details on social media with the following tags:

  • On Twitter tagging @PlayerLands and #PlayerLands
  • On Instagram tagging @PlayerLandsOfficial and #PlayerLands
  • Or on Facebook tagging @PlayerLandsOfficial and #PlayerLands

Very good luck!