WIN A Playstation 5
AND 55" TV!

Bored? Locked in? Need to make some spare cash? If you’ve got a computer handy, you're in luck.

For full instructions on how to enter, scroll down the page.


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how to enter

To enter the competition to win a PlayStation 5 and big screen TV all you have to do is register with PlayerLands, set up a store and link it to your Minecraft server.

If you don't already have a Minecraft server don't worry! If you've got a computer, setting one up doesn't take long. Here's all you need to know:

Register with PlayerLands

Click on GET STARTED to register using the promo code UNIPS5

Set up your store

Once registered you can set up your PlayerLands store

Link it to your Minecraft server

Use the API key to link the store to your Minecraft server

Every sale is an extra entry

Once your store is up and running every item you sell will give you an extra free entry

Get more free entries by sharing

Share on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more free entries (see below)

Don't have a Minecraft server?

No problem! Click here to find out how to get one.

Share on social for more free entries

Share on Twitter tagging @PlayerLands and #PlayerLands

Share on Instagram tagging @PlayerLandsOfficial and #PlayerLands

Share on Facebook tagging @PlayerLandsOfficial and #PlayerLands


Every item you sell is an extra entry

And don't forget, every single thing you sell from your PlayerLands store counts as an extra entry for the prize draw.


We’ve got APIs for a huge range of popular PC server games on the way. Minecraft is already up and running, and we’ll have news about more launches shortly.


Sandbox crafting, building and combat from Mojang Studios.


Hardcore multiplayer survival from Facepunch Studios.


Valve and Hidden Path’s legendary first person shooter.


Upcoming sandbox role-player from Hypixel Studios.

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With PlayerLands it’s simple to launch a store for Minecraft or any other PC game server.

Take Payments Instantly

With 100s of payment partners fitted as standard, whether it’s PayPal, Visa, ApplePay or Venmo, PlayerLands has got you covered.

Powerful Custom Theming

Let our set-up tool guide you through adding your colours, characters and inventory, then watch your server's store come to life.

Detailed Reporting

See how you’re doing, plan sales, and accelerate your business with our industry standard reporting and control panel.

Keep All Your Money

All the money you make is yours to keep, and it’s a cinch to cash out with our straightforward interface.

Abandoned Basket Recovery

Don’t let customers get away - we can re-market left goods to them for free.

Customer Management

See who’s buying what and when, then use that to inform how you talk to them. We make it easy to see where your sales are from.

Merchandise, Mobile App and More

We’ve got big plans at PlayerLands and will be adding many more features, gadgets and ways of growing your store over the coming months. Let us know if there’s something in particular you’d like.

Your 30-day free trial awaits



Our world beating free service is a great way to try PlayerLands, but as your server grows and gets busier you may find you need a custom store domain, advanced marketing tools, and more personalised management of your account. Whatever stage you’re at, we’re here to help and want our fees to be as straightforward as possible.

Monthly Fee

Fraud Protection

Unlimited Products

Custom Domain

Staff Accounts

Sales, Discounts, Promotions

Customer Service

Customised Tools

Processing Rates from

PlayerLands VISA Card



Available as add-on

24/7/365 support


3.82% + $0.30



First 30-days free


Up to 3 staff

Sales and discounts

24/7/365 support


2.92% + $0.25




Multiple custom domains

Up to 30 staff

Save and re-run multiple promotions

24/7/365 support

Custom developed features

2.02% + $0.20

*Depending on levels of support


If you’ve got your server's stores with another provider, we make it super easy to move to PlayerLands. Drop us a line, and we’ll help you get started.

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Welcome to PlayerLands, the secure, friendly platform for shops, donations and monetisation for Minecraft or other PC game server.

On this site you’ll find helpful guides to get you started with PlayerLands, from setting up a store, to using social media, to being a better entrepreneur. If you run game servers, PlayerLands is a super low cost way of taking donations, or monetizing your games. It has enterprise-grade security and all the tools you need to help your business blossom.



It can be one of the trickiest things about running Minecraft or other game servers, but finding the right payment partner and getting them properly integrated with your checkout process makes a huge difference to your store’s and server's success.

To help with that we’ve got deals in place with the industry’s leading payment partners, we’ve negotiated the best rates we can with every one of them.

They’re also pre-integrated when you set up a store so you can start taking money instantly. No hassle, no APIs, and zero tech skill needed.

And taking your money out couldn’t be easier. Our online wallet keeps your money safe and lets you spend it on games you like. When you want to withdraw it, we’ll transfer it to your bank, PayPal, or your PlayerLands Plastic™, which you can use anywhere Visa is accepted.

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