Account Details

Tue Aug 31 2021

1 min read

Importance of adding correct Account Details

Adding the correct details to your account is important as without filling them in correctly, you will not be able to receive money from payments made through your server

How to fill in account details?

Navigate to:

  1. Account (in the hamburger menu on mobile/tablet)

    This will open a page that displays your account details along with the ability to add/update values.

Account details are split up into two subsections:

  1. User Information

    Organisation ID - This cannot be changed as it uniquely identifies your organisation

    First Name & Last Name - Input your name in the respective fields

    Date Of Birth (Month/Day/Year) - Input your date of birth

    Contact Number - Input your home/mobile phone number without country code. (E.g. if you're in the UK, you would select '+44' from the dropdown, and then input your number without the leading 0)

  2. User Address

    Address - Input the first line of your business/home address

    City - Input the city of where your business/home address resides

    Zip/Postal Code - Input your Zip/postal code that links with your address

    Country - Input your country of residence

Once you have filled in all your account details, make sure they are all correct before saving because if there is anything incorrect this will affect you collecting payments. You can save by clicking the save button at the bottom.


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