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Wed Oct 06 2021

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Navigating the template editor

This article will help you to navigate around the template editor.

Please not that the custom template editor are designed for users who are familiar with html/css.

Navigate to:

  1. Template editor login.


Once you have logged in, select your Organization that you want to manage your templates for. You will then see your home screen with all the templates you have created if any. From here you will be able to edit a current template or create a new template.

Edit template

When you have clicked edit the template editor will open your files for you to edit.

All files will be displayed on the left hand side of the screen and navigating through them are as easy as clicking them.

Adding a new file

You can create new .NJK files or .JSON files by clicking the + that is located above your files.

Adding a new folder

You can create new folder by clicking the folder icon that is located above your files.

Adding a new image

You can add an image by clicking the Upload icon that is located above your files.

Saving a file

When a change has been made to a file, you will notice a Save button appears in the bottom right of your screen. Click this and your files will be saved.

Exit the editor

Once you have finished editing your files, you can then exit the editor by clicking the Logout icon located top right of your screen.

That's it! Please take a look at our other knowledge base articles to help you start monetizing your server - Knowledge base.

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