PlayerLands Organisations

Mon Aug 02 2021

2 min read

What is a PlayerLands Organisation?

A PlayerLands organisation is essentially a group of webstores. The word 'organisation' is interchangable with word 'company'. Cashout details and HyperWallet accounts will be linked to an organisation.

An organisation can contain multiple webstores for many different games, or just one. Upon logging in you will be presented with the organisations screen where you can pick which organisation you wish to manage.

If you're a staff member of an organisation you may be presented with two separate lists, "Your Organisations" and "Other Organisations", the first is a list of organisations that you have created and own and the second is a list of organisations you are a staff member on. You will have increased permissions for organisations that you own, such as the ability to delete the organisation. Staff members will have the ability to view information about your organisation so please take care where deciding who to add.

PlayerLands organisations give server owners the ability to control their servers on a more granular level giving staff members access to only the webstores they need to see and control the PlayerLands portal in their own way. It also gives staff members who may be a part of more than one organisation the ability to gain access all of they're organisations from one account.

How do I switch between Organisations after logging in?

If you've already made you way to the PlayerLands dashboard for an organisation you can check which organisation you are on by opening the full menu by clicking on the hamburger icon in the top right hand corner.

At the very bottom of the slide out menu - just above your email and the logout button - you will see the name of the organisation you're using. If you click the icon next to this you will be taken back to the PlayerLands Organisation Selector where you can select a different organisation to use.

How do I delete an Organisation?

To delete a PlayerLands organisation you must be the owner of the organisation you are trying to delete; this means it must appear in the list of "Your Organisations" and not in the list of "Other Organisations".

On the organisations screen - the first screen you see after logging in, or switching between organisations - there will be a delete icon next to the name of the organisation.


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