Community Goals

Tue Aug 03 2021

1 min read

What is a Community Goal?

Community goals are store-wide objectives that you can set. All purchases made on your store add to the progress of the community goal.

Why would I want a Community Goal?

Community Goals are a good way to get players to purchase things from your server as completing the goal may lead to some kind of incentive. It also allows for you to be personable and transparent with your players; for example, you may have a goal entitled server costs-players will be more likely to purchase/donate if they know it directly impacts their experience on the server.

Creating a Community Goal

Navigate to: 1. Stores 2. The store that you want to add a community goal to.

Click community goals. Under new goals, click start. You then need to fill out a few of the fields for your community goal:

Goal Name - The name of the community goal.

Short Description - A brief description of the community goal.

Long Description - A longer, more detailed, description of the community goal.

Command to be run on completion (optional) - The command that will be run across all of the servers when the goal is complete.

Value - The value of the goal for it to be completed.

You can then click create community goal, and the goal will be applied to your store.

Deleting a community goal

Navigate to: 1. Stores 2. The store that you want to delete the community goal of.

Hover over the community goal that you want to delete. Click delete, and then confirm delete.


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