Create a store

Mon Oct 04 2021

1 min read

Creating a webstore for your organisation is really easy. Once you have logged in and chosen the organisation you want to manage. You will be taken to the landing page, where you can create your store. On the right side of the screen there will be a ‘Create Store’ button.

Once you have clicked ‘Create Store’ you will be given a form to fill out which includes: Game, this is the game that the store will be for. Simply click the drop down menu to select the game you wish to use. Currently this cannot be changed at a later date as different game types will provide different configuration options. You will need to create a new store for a different game. Next is Store Name, this will be the name for your store, so make it a name that is either the same as your server or relatable in some way, so you and your staff can recognise it. Finally the Store URL, this is the subdomain for your webstore. This can be anything you choose but must contain only valid domain characters. Your subdomain will be ( and the will be entered for you in this case. This subdomain is free and does not stop you from applying a custom domain.


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