Creating a Store

Thu Nov 04 2021

2 min read

To create a webstore for your game server and make use of everything PlayerLands has to offer you will first need to make sure you have a PlayerLands account.

It is important to realise that a single webstore can be used for one game server or a network of connected servers (such as Geyser in Minecraft).

Creating a Webstore

Firstly, head over to the PlayerLands portal located at, login and select the organisation you wish to manage. If you need help understanding organisations then head over to our guide on PlayerLands Organisations.

You will land land on the home page where you can create and manage your stores. Click the Create your first store button on the right hand side.

The stores page will display all the webstores for the organisation you've chosen to manage; if you don't see the webstore you're expecting then double check you're working in the correct organisation.

If you wish to create a new webstore then you should take note of the Create your first store button if you don't have any stores or Create another store button that will be below your current stores. This pop up modal will allow you to create a new store quickly by using three bits of information:

Game - This is the game that the store will be for. Simply click the dropdown menu to select the game you wish to use. Currently this cannot be changed at a later date as different game types will provide different configuration options. For an up to date list of supported games you can read our supported games articles.

Name - A friendly name for you and your staff to recognise the store and which of your servers it belongs to.

Url - This is the subdomain for your webstore. This can be anything you choose but must contain only valid domain characters. Your subdomain will be and the will be entered for you in this case. This subdomain is free and does not stop you applying a custom domain later on.

After hitting the create button your new store will appear and you can continue on to configure your store, customise it and link up your server(s) to deliver items. We have guides on all of these topics!


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