Tue Aug 03 2021

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Store Discounts

Discounts are a store-wide event that allow you to put price reductions on products, baskets, and run special offers for a period of time.

Creating a Discount Event

Navigate to: 1. Stores 2. The store that you want to add a discount to.

Click discounts. Under new discount, click start. You then need to fill out a few of the fields for your discount event:

Discount Event Information

Discount Event Name - The public name of the discount event.

Start Date - The start date of the discount event.

End Date - The end date of the discount event.

Buy 'X' Get 'Y' Free Discounts

This is a discount that make a number of products free if they have purchased any. For example, if a player purchases 2 kits, they may get the next one for free.

Purchase Limits

Lower Purchase Limit -'X' - The number of products needed to be purchased to get 'y' number of free ones.

Number of free items - The number of free items if 'x' have been purchased.

Applicable Products

Products this discount applies to - The products that are eligible for this discount.

Basket Percentage Discount

This is a discount off of the basket if the basket is of a certain amount. E.g. 20% off baskets over £20.

Basket Total Requirement - The amount the basket needs to be to be discounted.

Percentage Discount - The percentage off the basket that will be discounted if the basket total requirement is met.

Specific Product Discount

A traditional discount that is a flat rate/percentage off of a specific product.

Product to be discounted - The specific product to be discounted.

Percentage/Flat value discount toggle - If the discount is a flat rate, or a percentage.

Percent/Money Off - The amount to discount the product by.

You can add multiple discounts of each type within the event. You can then click save at the bottom to save your discount event.


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