Tue Aug 31 2021

1 min read

To add discounts to your store, head over to the store that you want to apply discount(s) on. In the navigation bar click ‘Discounts’ then ‘Create New Discount’ in the bottom right. Here will be information that you will need to fill out for your discount to work.

Discount Type - This will include ‘Buy x Get y Free’ this means that if you buy a certain amount of a product, you will get a certain amount for free. The next type of discount is ‘Basket Percent’, so whatever is in the basket will be deducted by the amount that you have inputted. This can be either a percentage or at a flat price, you will also be able to set a minimum basket price so the basket will need to be above a certain amount for the discount to be enabled. The last discount type we have is ‘Specific Product Discount’ the discount type can be set to certain products that you choose, and you will be able to select how, such as percentage or flat price. Discount Name - All of the discounts that you make must contain a name, this name will be only visible to you in your portal. Start/End Date - For your discount to work you must select a start and end date, this is so the discount will automatically be enabled at the date you set and disabled on the date you want it to end.


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