Store Domains

Tue Aug 03 2021

1 min read

What is my store's domain

By default, your store is assigned a free domain with the suffix When creating a store, you are asked what you want the prefix of this domain to be.

Can I link a custom domain?

  1. Create a DNS C Name Record for your chosen domain with the value "". You can do this where your domain is currently hosted. E.g: AWS, CloudFlare, Google Domains
  2. Enter the domain that you want your store to be hosted at in the box under custom domains in store settings.
  3. Create a DNS TXT for your domain with the name that is prompted to you in the panel.
  4. Click the create a custom domain button.

After DNS resolution (can take up to 48 hours) an SSL certificate will automatically be issued.

Do I have to pay for an SSL certificate?

PlayerLands believe that you shouldn't have to pay for basic security; all of our webstores, custom domain or otherwise, are distributed a free-of-charge SSL certificate.


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