Gift Cards / Coupon Codes

Tue Aug 03 2021

1 min read

What is a Gift Card / Coupon Code?

A gift card is a token that you can generate and give to a player. This code can have any value, and can be used at checkout to put a flat rate discount on their basket. The scope of a giftcard is across the organisation, but can be limited to specific stores.

Creating a Gift Card / Coupon Code

Navigate to: 1. Account panel (located at the top right hand corner of your portal).

Scroll down the panel to the coupon code section. Click create coupon code - a side panel will slide over.

You will then need to fill out the required fields:

Name - A friendly name to identify the coupon code.

Value - The value of the coupon code.

One Use Code - A toggle for if the code can be used more than one time.

Expiry Date - The time for which this code will be valid.

Valid Stores - The stores that this code will be valid on.

You can then create your coupon code. After creating it, you will see it in the list where you first went to make your coupon code. The currency of the coupon coe is not needed as it applies to the currency of the store that it is used on. The code to distribute to the player is shown after the name of the code. It will look something like ad60d493-2f7b-414b-ab7c-9a7b178e0134.


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