Link Discord

Tue Aug 03 2021

1 min read


Linking your Discord server will allow you to send messages to channels and give ranks when a customer purchases something on your webstore. This is done by putting the PlayerLands bot in your channel and then linking your store to it.

How to link the PlayerLands bot to your Discord server

Navigate to: 1. Stores. 2. The store you want to link the Discord bot to.

From here, select store settings and scroll down the panel until you see Discord settings. Note: If you have already linked the discord bot, you won't see this panel.

Click on the button entitled Invite the PlayerLands Discord bot to your server and authorize the bot on your server. Finally, run the command in the box below that button (Discord Bot Code), and paste it into any channel on your Discord server (But not a public one!).

There you go! The PlayerLands Discord bot is now linked to your server, and you can add actions on your products that will fire events when products are purchased on your webstore.


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