Store Settings

Tue Aug 31 2021

2 min read

To locate your store settings go to your store that you wish to configure the settings for, and in the navigation bar click ‘Store Settings’ here you will be displayed all the settings for your store.

Server URL

This will be the ip address to your server, when you enter the ip to your server it will also display on your store with the number of players online and server status.

Store Currency

This will be the currency that is shown on your webstore. This will be fixed on your store and will be shown for everyone who goes to your store.

Custom Domain

PlayerLands offer free custom domains, and here you will be able to change it to a domain that you already own.


Webhooks allow you to receive information regarding a purchase when it is made, and integrate that into your own applications. When a payment is made, if a product has a webhook assigned to it that you have configured in your portal, a webhook will be instantly sent to an endpoint that you have specified. This can contain data regarding the purchase, the product(s) that have been purchased, and the customer who purchased from your store. How do I configure a webhook? There are various attributes here that you must assign: Webook Name - A friendly name for you to identify the webhook when assigning it to a product. Webhook URL - The URL that you want to make a request for the webhook to hit on product purchase. HTTPS Verb - The web that you want to make a request with. Webhook Timeout - The time (in ms) to wait for the webhook to respond before timing out. Authorisation - The auth required in your webhook request if necessary. Header Key - The key for a header in your request. Header Value - The subsequent value for the key. You can then specify which data you wish to be sent with the request. If all three are enabled, an example webhook JSON object that is sent with the webhook would look as follows: You will need to click add header for each key/pair value in a header.

Discord Integration Linking the PlayerLands discord bot will allow you to send messages or apply roles to a discord member when they purchase a product from your store. You can do this by inviting the PlayerLands bot to your discord. If you have admin permissions, the bot will not be able to give you a role, so if you want to test use someone who does not have admin permissions.

Linking The PlayerLands Discord Bot Click the invite button at the bottom, it will then ask you what server you want to add it to. You must have the ‘Manage Server’ Permission to invite the bot to your server, once you have authorised the PlayerLands bot you will need to enter the command and enter the secret that is displayed in the portal below ‘Invite’ but make sure you do this in a private channel. When that is all done, you’re ready to go and you can now add Discord Commands to your products.


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