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Wed Oct 06 2021

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Requirements for your custom template

Please not that the custom template editor are designed for users who are familiar with html/css.

In order for your template to be compatible, you will need to make sure you include the required files and features.


● Routes.js - This file manages navigation between each of your pages

● Display categories - Display your list of categories

● Display products - Display your list of products and add to cart functionality

● Checkout page - Display your basket and the ability to checkout

● Basket total - Display basket total and redirect to checkout page

● Username login - Allow the customer to login with their username


● Donation input - Allow customers to donate to you via the donation input

● Recent supporters - Display a list of recent supports to your store

● Community goals - Display your community goal

● Server stats - Display statistics from your server (players online, server status)

● Extra Pages - Support for adding extra pages through our blog API

That's it! Please take a look at our other knowledge base articles to help you start monetizing your server - Knowledge base.

Thanks for reading!


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